Traffic Commute Car Club


Memberships will start when there is sufficient number of people. Please register by contacting through e-mail,, following on Twitter, @TCCarclub, or look us up Traffic Commute Car Club.

The organization is in the process of development.  Its benefits include quick, calm, and fun commutes. Future benefits will be membership discounts, powerful organization to represent and organize drivers, fundraising for schools, lobbying for better roads, scholarships and grants for students,  and finance ideas to improve commute and the environment. The goals are to save our members 10 times more money than their membership fee to the Traffic Commute Car Club. This is going to be a serious Win/Win situation for our members.

What do you get by being a member? Traffic Commute has more information to save you commute dollars. The membership fee will set up the organization to provide services for you and the community.

Would you like to:

1) Identify drivers you can trust?

2) Get roads repaired and have them last longer?

3) Control gas prices?

4) Get emergency service to their destination quicker?

5) Control traffic?

6) See fewer accidents and be safer in your car?

7) Have influence in the government?

8) Know an organization is truly looking out for you?

9) Know the best places to eat and sleep when you are in a new town?

10) Get discounts from stores?

11) Assist driver’s education in the schools?

12) Give scholarships and grants to kids to go to college?

13) Buy quality merchandise at a good price?

14) Have a network of people to help you?

15) Set up flexible carpool?

16) Get your commute ideas into reality?

If you are interest in making a difference, go to "MAKE A DIFFERENCE". Tell us what you want to accomplish and what you are willing to do.