Traffic Commute Car Club

Donations Request

To make money & donate, please register with Uber or Lyft using the following information.
For Lyft - If you say "I referred you" by using my code WILLIAM804779, I get $10.00, when you use Lyft within 14 days after signing up. If there is no a promotion where you get money off your first few rides, don't do it. We are here to make you money, not cost you money. If you become a driver and do 120 rides in 30 days, I would get $360.00. This would require some work.
For Uber - If you say "I referred you" by using my code 4A33A7FEUE,

If you become a driver and do 100 rides in 30 days, I would get $600.00. This would require some work.

Thank you

Any non-deductible donations (gifts) are going to

​1) Keep
“Traffic Commute” operational.

2) Services are providing driving games to improve traffic flow. Driving games can make math fun for kids, teach them how to drive, and amuse them on trips. It can evaluate a drivers skills, help you exercise, create a happy experience, and more.

3) There is a carpool and a driving policy to save you, your friends, your employees, & your company money & create more free time.

Future goals will be
1) Setup a non-profit organization.

​2) Increase awareness during daily travels, improve driving efficiency, and advocate to improve road and road safety.

3) Funding educational programs.

4) Make government aware of traffic problems and represent drivers.

5) Bring back social responsibility & helpfulness to travelers.

Traffic Commute hopes you benefited from the free information. If you would like to improve your commute to work or lower your company's vehicle expenses, Please contact to set up a meeting. 

Thank you for your donations. I will be working to improve traffic flow in any way shape or form that we can. Please join our family. We can always use good ideas & support.

All the best,

Malcolm Rankin

Founder & CEO

Traffic Commute Car Club

P.S. My motivation is to improve traffic flow. I enjoy driving and like feeling safe. I have been hit four times in stopped cars. My best bet to be safe is continuous movement. My driving experience and traffic analysis has generated some conclusion that make sense. I wish to share them with you. It is mathematical, physic, and common sense  based. Example; Two full freeway lanes do not merge well. They need space to maintain speed and merge without crashing.

This information is put into driving games & policies. Each driver can save up to $1,000.00 and 60 hours per year. We are creating a new driving culture.  Your active participation is desire. You know your drive better than anyone. Do you get stuck in traffic? Please use the "Rush Hour" game to reduce traffic and increase speed. Please send your results to improve the games.

Community that support this program will win.  You will save money and time, reduce pollution, and increase quality of life. Please make a donation of  $40 + with your savings. Please tell your friends to be part of our family, play the games, and save.  When you saves a $1,000 a year, invest it wisely.  

Welcome to our family.