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The goal is to eliminate traffic jams. Please contact us to show your support (See Make A Difference page).  If you can save a lot time, money, & resource with information available on this page or contact to find out about the really big savings. Please register by follow on Twitter, @TCCarclub or send an e-mail to If you save using the driving information, please refer more drivers to the website. Currently, no membership fee. Traffic Commute would appreciate any referrals or funding  to keep operations alive. All positive actions appreciated.

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Community service that pays you. Every move a driver makes costs money. The vehicle's purchase or lease, the required insurance, the cost of fuel, maintenance, & registration fees, possible car repairs use money from your bank account. Every time you drive, whether you are hitting the fuel to accelerate with the wind in your hair and the sun warming your body or braking into a red traffic light, "Stop" sign, traffic jam, road blockage, metering light or merge, it is costing you money without telling you. As an example; when you accelerate one time to 65 mph, it could cost you 25 cents. Maintaining that speed 65 mph for 10 minutes is $1.00. Braking from 65 mph is 25 cents. It is a $1.50 to travel 6.5 miles in 10 minutes. What happen if you are in heavy traffic? How many times do you accelerate and brake? Driving bumper to bumper, it is hard to maintain a steady speed in heavy traffic. The 6.5 mile trip for $1.50 under ideal condition may be costing you $10.00 or more and 30 minutes of time.

Drive and save is simple. Keep your vehicle moving. The less you accelerate, brake and stop the cheaper your drive will be. If you eliminated the acceleration and the braking, your trip cost could drop from over $10 to $7.50.

Fewer acceleration, less braking, and more coasting can save you $2.50 on a 6.5 mile trip & save 10 minutes of time. The savings is related to brake replacement, gas or electric costs, or wear & tear on other vehicle parts; transmission, engine, etc... Speed up and slowing down takes time. Stopping before you reach your destination is proof that you are wasting time and money. Basically, going too fast causes us to lose money & time. No movement and spending money for nothing is what standstill traffic is doing to us. This does not include the medical costs related to stress. What is your saved drive time worth to you? What issues could you solve with more money in your bank account? Would you like less money taken from you to repair the roads? Do you like giving money to the oil & electric companies to sit in stopped traffic and throwing your purchase in the air. If you have to drive, please join in the movement and save. We need you.

Traffic Commute's first objective is awareness. Drivers control the roads by their actions.  In the equation of movement, there is space & speed. Emotion & feeling are not in this equation. Drive as fast as the equation allows without breaking the law. Braking is you telling yourself that you were going to fast. Braking and/or stopping block the road & costs everyone time & money. Braking disrupt traffic flow. Stopping blocks the road. Waiting allows the traffic jam to get worse. Changing lanes & merging without space cause braking and stopping.There are ways to control these issues, if we work together.

Here are two suggestions that keep traffic flowing or get it moving sooner. 

1) During "Rush Hour", use a 3 open vehicle spaces buffer to create a 10 second cushion before driver have to stop their vehicle. The cushion would allow at least 5 vehicle to get moving before adding 2 seconds to the backup. More movement with less stopping makes your trip shorter and cheaper.

2) At traffic lights, don’t go in bumper to bumper. Allow 1 open vehicle space to start moving when the vehicle 3 vehicles ahead starts to move. Stop, if drivers ahead are not paying attention. This would allow all the vehicles behind you to start moving 4 to 6 seconds sooner. Keeping space to move reduces stop time making your trip shorter and cheaper.

These two actions will be a public service to help you and your community save lives, time & money. It takes no time, and less effort plus you save money & time for yourself, your family & the drivers behind you.

Traffic Commute has traffic games, plans, & policies for individuals, groups, businesses, & government agencies that could save a trillion dollars with participation. It is your choice to hire, create your own, or ignore the lose of time & money. Brake lights, and constant stop & go are highly visible signs of loss. You affect traffic by your choices and actions. Please contact us at or @TCCarclub on Twitter show your interest in WIN/WIN situations. Join in and help yourself and other drivers. Please make your priority to become part of the traffic flow with constant movement or be in a position to move soon as your objective.

Traffic Commute goals are creating community, awareness, partnership, abundance and peace. Traffic Commute's game provides information to redirect driving costs from your car to your life. Traffic Commute’s objectives are to make sure you benefit.  Traffic Commute has started toward a grand goals. You control your vehicle and our success.  Join us to limit unnecessary accelerating, braking & stopping. It save us all money & time. 


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